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At Best Web Consult, we know that individual projects require individual hosting solutions. We will work with you to provide the exact solution to match your needs. Enhanced security monitoring and high-performance servers come as standard

High performance as standard

  • Varnish for everything
    All of our websites are enhanced with Varnish - a reverse-proxy cache - which essentially supercharges your website, making static resources and cached pages load blazingly-fast.
  • SSL/TLS as standard
    Google prefers HTTPS encryption, and so do we. In fact, the next-generation of the web - HTTP/2 relies on HTTPS encryption to work, and we don't build or host unencrypted websites. We know our website is ready - is yours?
  • High-security implementations
    For us, it's not enough just to see a padlock in the corner. We're constantly staying ahead of the curve and updating our security implementations based on best-practice recommendations, including 256-bit encryption, HSTS and OCSP Stapling for high-performance security. That's why all of our hosting evaluates with A+ recommendations from SSL Labs independent check.
  • Performance montoring
    We use various performance monitoring tools across our entire network, including Sealion, Nagios, and Monit, and up-time monitoring using Pingdom. All of this means that we know within a couple of minutes if there are any issues with a server, and can often deal with problems before the issue causes website downtime.
  • 99.95% uptime. Guaranteed.
    Noone likes an unreliable website, and website downtime affects brand reputation, search engine rankings, and e-commerce revenue. If uptime is important for you and your clients, look no further. And, if 99.95% isn't enough for you, get in touch for a customised solution - we can build even better platforms to fit your needs.
  • SSD hard drives
    We know that read/write speeds are the main reason complex websites start to slow down. We use SSD hard drives as standard, providing super-fast access to your data.
  • UK data centres with IL2 security accreditation
    Worried about who has access to your data, and where in the world they're based? Don't be: we know that the location of data is important to our clients. That's why we partner with a UK supplier, and guarantee that your data will not be stored on servers outside of the UK. Our hosting partners are also accredited with ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, and all our servers are accredited to Impact Level 2, the basic standard that the UK government uses for information and data security. Local servers also means faster page loads - providing a better experience for your users. Further information available on request.
  • Experienced in bespoke environments
    We know that not everyone will have simple architecture requirements, and we're experienced in designing, configuring, and managing complex structures. We'll work with you to pin down your exact requirements, whilst providing easy scalability options for times of extreme demand. Need load-balanced Varnish servers, or MySQL replication? Not a problem. We've worked on automatic failover solutions as well, providing a reduced functionality Disaster Recovery environment housed in separate data centres in case of catastrophic failure.
  • Comprehensive backup solutions
    We know that if data needs to be recovered, up-to-date backups are a key requirement. Our backup solutions will guarantee your data in the case of accidental or mailicious loss of availability. Plus, all backups are guaranteed to be stored within the UK.