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Support & Maintenance

Protect your investment and ensure your website is being kept at the cutting edge of technology

Keeping your website secure, and improving your website with new functionality

Support and maintenance is one of the most important parts of the web project life cycle, but unfortunately is one that frequently gets overlooked. Knowing your website is up-to-date gives you peace of mind that you're always one step ahead of your competition, and that you brand integrity is not going to be compromised malicious intent.

New features: development doesn't always stop at launch

We know that a project doesn't always end at the launch. New bugs will be discovered, and new features will be required. We have a range of support and maintenance contracts for you and your website, ranging from time-and-materials contracts to monthly retainers. Our offering can be tailored to meet your exact requirements in the most cost-effective way, and we can provide different options for ongoing monthly support or for one-off fixed-price projects. We find a lot of our clients actually use a mix of these two pricing models, depending on the specific project.

For websites we've developed, we'll always build using modular elements, meaning it's easy to add new modules or plugins to your website to address specific requirements. We're also happy taking on new websites for support and maintenance, whether you choose to host with us or just provide us with your code for the duration of the project.

Security support and maintenance

As new bugs and security flaws are discovered, Best Web Consult stays on-the-ball to implement security fixes as quickly as possible. Recent server-level software issues such as Heartbleed resulted in wide-spread panic around the security industry: we patched all of our servers within just a few hours, before news agencies such as the BBC even reported on the story. Application-level security issues in well known frameworks are exploited quickly by hackers, and a recent highly critical discovery came with the proviso that any site who did not take action within seven hours of the bug being discovered "should proceed under the assumption" that their site was compromised.

We've also helped recover websites after they've been compromised, if you're unlucky enough to be the target of an attack. We can help you too - get in touch if you need recovery assistance.

Quick response is the first guard against compromise, and we get notified by worldwide security groups so we can update our systems as quickly as possible.