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If your current website is old or slow and you're considering moving to a new platform, look no further. We have the capacity and the knowledge to improve your system in a matter of hours.

Pain-free migration to a new software or hardware platform

Website load-times are linked to your rankings on Google, and has a big impact on sales leads generated as well, and even the bounce rate for your impatient users who are used to super-fast content delivery. Or maybe you're looking for more functionality than your current system allows? Either way: a migration to a new software or hardware platform can hugely improve your conversion ratios.

Software migration

Excusing all the tech lingo, this basically means code. It might be that your current code is bloated, old, or just not very functional. Website requirements change and adapt, and new frameworks are built to perform quicker and better than older code every did. Here at Best Web Consult, we know how to write performant and efficient code, and we're well-versed in expanding PHP frameworks for custom functionality and integration as well. We've worked with many of the major PHP CMSs out there, like Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, CakePHP, CodeIgniter but also websites written in other languages, such as Plone, OpenCMS, and Sharepoint.

We can migrate all the content and users from your old website, retaining business continuity and providing a better user experience for your clients and content management team. We can also be selective: you might want to transfer all of your news and blog articles to a new website, but use a rebuild as an opportunity to freshen up your content. Whatever your requirement, we can help.

Hardware migration

Your website is made up of virtual files which sit on a physical computer somewhere in the world. If that computer is old or poorly configured then your website will be suffering. You wouldn't run your business from a laptop that's five years old and shared by numerous other people, so why run your website like that?

We find that a lot of performance problems are down to poorly configured and old web servers, or by agencies who run too many clients on the same web server stack. Systems such as Plesk or cPanel are often good signs of this, where agencies buy one system and sell to numerous clients who all share the same resources. This results in very poor contention, which means your website's bandwidth is being used by other websites without you even knowing about it!

In contrast, we're experts in fast and performant hosting, and we provide advanced caching technologies as standard. What's more, we can often manage the migration process from your old server to one of our powerful servers in the UK with no website downtime. Get in touch today to find out how our migration services can speed up your business.