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Almost all development work completed these days uses a framework. Improve the power of your website by utilising an open-source one

Open source development that fits your business

From Symfony to Laravel, Wordpress to Drupal, even CodeIgniter to CakePHP, almost all web development work is completed through the use of a web development framework. Over the years we've had experience of all of the large frameworks, and we've even written bespoke custom frameworks as well.

These days, we find that much of what we do fits perfectly into one of a few open-source frameworks, and we're proud to be Drupal Association members, supporting the open-source community in giving back to our preferred PHP framework. Our developers contribute back to Drupal in code as well, so you can be sure of the Best Web Consult quality.

Open-source frameworks have many benefits: both to the developer and to you as the client. From a developer's perspective, it improves organisation and reliability by encouraging a set of pre-defined standards. There are also productivity improvements, as frameworks such as Drupal and Wordpress provide secure login systems and content administration tools, which means we won't be spending our time re-building or re-hashing basic functionality. Frameworks are normally also highly modular, meaning that extensibility is a basis of the entire codebase. This makes it easier to break up code into separate sections of development, which can improve Project Management, but also enables an easy breakdown into phased development sprints where appropriate.

For a client, frameworks also provide more confidence in terms of portabliity: why use an agency who writes their own stylised code when you could use an agency like Best Web Consult who writes to industry standards and from whom you could take your code to any other open-source specialists? We'll always support you in moving to another agency, because our code will always be written to portable best-practice standards.

We're specialists in Drupal, Wordpress and Symfony, and have experience with e-commerce platforms such as Magento as well. This website is built in Drupal; our last website was written in Wordpress. Get in touch to find out our recommendation for which platform suits your business best.